Sunday, October 12, 1980

Sunday, October 12th

All day was spent finishing Divisions one and two of my league. Forest finished as the League Champions for the second successive season. Nanna P. has been here for this weekend – she is rapidly becoming an invalid with her arthritis, injured arm and short-sightedness and slight deafness. She also possesses some really repulsive attributes, such as farting whenever she gets up out of a chair and belching every few minutes. Going up and down stairs, and even walking a few yards leaves her wheezing and sounding like a pair of leaking bellows – Her mind is still quite good though, and the only reason she’s like she is is because of self-neglect.

The sunset was pretty good, in fact the whole day was superb – not a cloud to be seen, bright sun . . . . I whiled the evening away by playing “Moonflower” Sides 4, 1 and 2. I asked N. P. to get Shirley to order “Welcome” from Michaels.

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