Tuesday, October 21, 1980

Tuesday October 21st

Because we didn’t do our ‘Duma’ test yesterday for History, we did it first lesson instead. I was quite pleased because I managed to finish the essay this time and squeezed 2½ sides out of it in an hour. I feel that I would be physically incapable of writing any faster. I should get better than an E (which I got last time) at any rate.

In the free periods in the afternoon I racked my brains about the Literature essay which is due in tomorrow and which I felt really overwhelmed by. I really wasn’t looking forward to it. I also sat opposite Andy Briscoe, who I detest. He is just such a big head and loud mouth; “I’m a real man,” type. God, he makes me sick.

At Art College in the evening I continued with my chimney painting which the tutor, Mr Hine, said was quite good. He said I had an “interesting” style – what he meant by that I’m not sure. After general dossing about with Beaumont, Hoy and Verity (L. Hoy had some imitation blood which he blathered all round his mouth and dribbled down his chin; he then wandered out around the streets with it on – it was quite funny seeing peoples’ reactions) I got home and had to plunge straight in at the essay for Slicer.

Robert and Carol went into Easterby today to the weekly flea market in the Durham Buildings. Michael bought quite a few old Athletic and Albion programmes (all for less than a quid) and I was amazed to hear that the 1926 Easterby Albion programme that Dad gave to him is worth £10!!

I didn’t get properly started on my essay until nine o’clock and ploughed on, waffling, repeating myself, stating the obvious and padding out with quotes until one o’clock in the morning. My essay now stands at 1395 words long, that’s about five and a quarter sides.

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