Tuesday, October 7, 1980

Tuesday October 7th

I enjoy school; the conversations and the company. I almost regret going home. Today was another foul one (weather wise) and it occurred to me that our debate victory had angered the gods and we were paying for it today.

I got my 1905 essay back in History – I got another A- - and I also got a bit of a reprimand in Bio. from Wade for not doing my homework. Of my 4 A-levels I enjoy Biology the least (pretty crummy considering that the entire History-Biology timetable was altered just because of me and Tracey Booth), English next and then Art. History is my unchallenged favourite.

I spent my free two periods indulging in crude conversation with Jeremy Beaumont and Duncan Verity (elite of the school?) before messing around in the common room with Beaumont, Hoy and Verity until 3.30 p.m when we were given a lift to Art College by Mr Ingham. As a result we arrived early so we all walked over to Michelle Cliff's with Deborah Blakey, who had just finished her Social Work course and was going for tea. After waiting for her (M. C) to unlock the front door in vain we decided to go when her Dad arrived (seeing as we were uninvited and all). We ended up in the library.

Art class was as corny as usual – painting pictures based on upon chimney sketches – and after walking home in the pouring rain I slumped in front of the box all evening.

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