Friday, October 17, 1980

Friday, October 17th

In Biology, we did an experiment to determine our breathing rate before and after exercise. It proved just how unfit I am; before exercise my rate was 2.20 litres a minute, after running once up to the bus turning circle and back down through the car park it had risen to 22.21/min. whereas everyone elses was about seven or eight litres per minute – In the theory lesson we were doing some incomprehensible work on Krebs citric acid cycle. Why have I taken Biology?

In History I handed in my four-and-a-half side essay. Sometimes I really do wish I was less shy and nervous in my conversation with people – more open like Beaumont. I suppose I should just face truths.

I’m looking forward to seeing Robert and Carol. They’re coming across tomorrow and staying until Thursday because Robert wants to see Athletic v Purswell on Wednesday night.

Tomorrow I again want to go into Easterby to buy myself some new shoes and maybe a record or a book.

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