Thursday, October 16, 1980

Thursday, October 16th

I spent the entire day wrestling with my essay for history. Since the school was partially closed and I was off, I had the whole day free to compose it. I was woken up at eight or so and although I got up intending to make a start, I felt so lethargic and so daunted by the prospect of what lay ahead that I didn’t get behind the first couple of lines until half-one. I find it really difficult to get started – once I’m beyond the first couple of paragraphs I’m OK.

The weather was foul – really strong wind and heavy, continuous rain – and I kept getting splashed with water as it was raining in. The weather was so bad that I just couldn’t face going to Art college. Mum and Dad didn’t come back until half-nine – they went to Nanna B’s I think – which gave me good time to get on. Even so, I had only a couple of sides done by the time they came home.

After watching “Question Time” I rushed off a side-and-a-half or so on the fundamental reasons for the failure of parliamentary Government between 1906 and 1917. It proves how much I regard History in relation to my other ‘A’ levels because my Biology essay took me about half-an-hour at one o’clock in the morning. Robert rang at teatime.

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