Thursday, October 9, 1980

Thursday October 9th

I felt in a bad mood today, especially at home. The day passed off uneventfully, as did Art College, yet at home in the evening I felt grumpy about what I’ve no idea (well, I have).

In the afternoon, as Jeremy B., Hoy and Verity and I waited in the common room before setting off for Art Mr Ingham gave me back my History folder from last year containing my American West 1840-95 and my Arab-Israeli conflict work.

In Art, my picture of chimneys is coming along quite well – it is a bright, garish red and yellow sky and I’m quite pleased with it.

On the whole, though, today was a day when I felt restless, yet listless and dull-minded. Perhaps it’s my cold as Mum suggested, or perhaps it’s the weather, which has been very changeable just lately.

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