Wednesday, October 15, 1980

Wednesday, October 15th

After a normal school day I went to the film society to see “All the President’s Men” starring Robert Redford as Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward and Dustin Hoffman as co-reporter Karl Bernstein. It was based on the Watergate scandal and although mainly dialogue, I quite enjoyed it. There were about thirty people watching the film which finished at about five.

We spent our free periods drawing caricatures of each other and I managed to write two lines on Hirst’s essay. It is impossible to get a thing done in the library nowadays. English was as fascinating as ever. I was quite cold today – I’m not actually wearing a coat yet and the thermometer on the landing reads 62°F tonight.

There was a thing on the television about Albions ground, which they are finally demolishing, and also a thing in the paper giving a ‘phone number to ring if free “mementoes” (ie seat backs) are wanted. I might just ring. Jim Callaghan also resigned as Labour leader this afternoon.

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