Friday, January 16, 1981

Friday January 16th

Got to school early (8.15), after walking in with Steve – we talked about immigration and this debate.

Had another film in P1 in preparation for the Gen. Studies paper; about the dangers of nuclear fuel. First lesson was Gile’s English (“The Investigator” tape once more) and then I had three free periods until last lesson. My frees went, predictably I suppose, sat in the common room talking with, or being talked to by, everyone else and being bored. Socially I feel it was similar to yesterday; I write this yet when I’m actually at school I suddenly think Christ!, how unreal all this diary blurb is. Totally disproportionate, exaggerated and petty. At about nine-thirty it began to snow – and settle – and continued all day, eventually ending up, by two-thirty, at about one inch in depth – crisp, white, perfect snow-ball snow. That same old Friday-afternoon melancholy around today.

We hedged and grumbled about our History test in fifth period; Ingham was away and we stayed in the library; Jeremy, Duncan, Claire, Tracey, Laura and Michelle, and me all scribbling away viciously.

Depressively it seemed – I said “Bye” to everyone until Monday and the old rut once more.

I had arranged to meet Lee at four outside Smith’s on Queensgate but when I got in, Dad advised me not to, as traffic wise it was chaos. Just after three I rang Lee and told him.

Time goes so quickly; day after day, it whizzes by almost. Friday again; then it’ll be Monday once more; Tuesday, Wednesday . . . . February, . . . . 1982, 1983, 1984 . . . . . . . . . . Before I know where I am I’ll be leaving school!

Bored and unfulfilled evening again, reflecting on todays thoughts and conversations. I just sat in the dining room playing “Steely Dan” and messing about with Biorythms.

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