Sunday, January 18, 1981

Sunday January 18th

I woke at about ten thirty, because today I was going to Lees. Duncan Verity was going too. At about twelve thirty I rang him up to confirm that it was still OK for me to go and I was there for one o’clock.

Duncan was there when I got there and we sat about in the living room, bedecked with unoriginal looking pot heads and Toby Jugs; hundreds of them, on every shelf. Duncan and Lee were their usual selves and at about two, the latter had to go to Hainsworth to help out with the sound on “Murder in the Cathedral” by T.S. Eliot, being staged by Knowlesbeck Amateur Dramatics or whatever and starring Mr Giles and Jeremy. Lee and I were left on our own; I showed him how to play Backgammon and successfully beat him; after this (at about three), Lee got out his projector and screen and showed me some old 8mm home movies of himself when he was about five – he showed me the Yashica cine camera he’s been given by his Dad and we agreed that we’ll have to do some animation or something.

We played with a TV game and after Lee’d had his tea (I was kindly given two slices of cheese on toast), we just sat about in his bedroom until 8.30, when I had to go. I went feeling really good about having friends and things.

I walked back and felt pretty anxious when walking over Castlebrigg Playing Fields – it was just the darkness and the trees, and the way the wind wouldn’t allow you to hear anything. I don’t mind admitting that I kept checking behind me, to see whether anyone was following. I got home at 9.35 p.m, and watched TV all evening. I’ve had no homework at all this weekend, and unlike normally, its been quite diverse.

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