Monday, January 5, 1981

Monday January 5th

Got to school as normal – only Julie Crabtree in the registration room when I got in, but shortly everyone was there – Deborah, Jeremy, Claire etc . . . . . .

First two lessons were free, and I passed them in the library with all the gang. Deborah said that she enjoyed Bulgaria, more than she expected. History went well again – for my timed essays at the end of last term I got two C’s, quite good considering!

The last lesson, normally Biology, was spent enjoyably in the common room talking to Claire, Julie, Lee, Deborah, Duncan and Jeremy – Claire started talking to me about a book she’d been reading about signs of affection people show; crossed legs, flicking hair from the forehead, speech alteration, sitting side by side etc., all quite amusing – it was noticed, that in the course of her explanation, she came and sat next to me, crossed her right leg toward me and was hesitant in speech – I’m not suggesting that these are serious indications at all, but they were obvious because Julie said “Notice how Claire has gone and sat next to you” – all quite thought-provoking and amusing.

The newspapers and television were full of the Strangler – an Ian Gordon Baxter of Durley Park Crescent, Holmeshaw – scenes were shown from the Whincliffe court house where he was taken at 4.30 for a five minute appearance – a crowd of 500-1000 gathered to shout abuse, demand death and throw pebbles. According to things Dad has gleaned from work, a knife and some women’s tights were found discarded in Whincliffe after a search. The trial will be interesting. Andrew went back at 10.15 a.m.

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