Thursday, January 15, 1981

Thursday January 15th

Unsatisfactory day today. Similar feelings to yesterday. Got in late and was immediately accosted by Ingham who directed me into P1 for a film entitled “What Use is a Degree?” Even if I take a degree and discover it wont be advantageous I’d still go, just for the social aspect.

Up to the library next for I had my essay to copy up. Deborah came in at 10.30 (been to the doctors) and I eventually saw Claire at break (“Why did you decide to start so late?”). After break, I finally finished the essay. I became painfully aware of the way I’m unable to indulge in activity and intercourse like Lee, Jeremy and Duncan.

At dinnertime, I got a bit annoyed with Steven Bates, for he was criticising the police over the Strangler case – he doesn’t know the facts, therefore can’t make judgments.

The tape in Slicer’s lesson fourth period; continuing with Hirst and the reading through of “Persuasion.” After school, Jeremy, Andrew Boyd and I went up to the staff room for a meeting about the mag. – it eventually got under way at 2.45.

Along with Mrs Scott (remedial), Mrs St. John (English), Mrs Slicer (English), Mr Giles (English), Mr Emsley (Woodwork), Mrs Barber (Games), Mrs Renshaw (Games), Mr Wilson (Dep. Head master), Mrs Wallis (Dep. Head Mistress), Mr Metcalf (Art), Ms Hirst (English) and Mr Barkston, we all piled into B’s office – really crowded, so I had to sit on the floor.

Firstly, Hirst gave out all the various printing costs available and said that the most promising looked to be a £240 offer for a card-backed, 40-page A5 magazine, with cream cover, printed on both outside and inside. Barkston seemed quite prepared to part with that amount (some could be recouped by advertising). Also we discussed printing date – and it was set for October sometime. Name’s discussed (“Fungus: The Magazine That Grows on You” – it got quite a good reception!).

Everything seems settled now. We went to college amicably, Jeremy and I particularly enthusing over the magazine – Jeremy says he’s “dying for the debate” now.

Art quite enjoyable and productive – my tree composition is coming along quite well now.

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