Saturday, January 31, 1981


Got up at eleven and did nothing. Dad came home at two, so I waited around for him to come back before going into Easterby at three, with nine pounds in my pocket. I went straight to Smith’s on Queensgate, where I bought two A5 Lever Arch Files for £1.50 each and looked round the record department and downstairs round the books. I saw Ian Amess, an old Lodgehill Middle acquaintance. By this time it was dark. I went round to HMV and looked through the records until the ‘bus came. I bought Andrew Return to Forever’s Musicmagic album for his birthday; it only cost me £2.99.

At home, everything's strange with Mum not around; it's true how much she’s taken for granted. She rang from Robert’s at teatime telling us to bring the cat and also some other things, so we’ll be going there tomorrow. I played records and the evening shot by while I tried to convince myself that I’d start my NEP essay for Monday. But I didn’t, so that’ll be another rush job tomorrow night at about midnight.

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