Wednesday, January 7, 1981

Wednesday January 7th

I got in late, and sat about in the common room until nine when I went into the library and got out my “Antony and Cleopatra” books and sat down – sure enough, in everyone came and the morning went pleasantly enough. Tutorial was cancelled, so we talked in the common room, much amusement being aroused by C.P’s constant clangers which are so suggestive – about making coffee; . . . “it took us three minutes at break” – and Claire was in fits.

In English with Mrs Slicer, I got my timed essay back from last term – I was chuffed with my B- (Lee got C+, Jeremy got C+, Deborah C, Michelle C-. Duncan B-).

In “Persuasion” with Hirst I suffered her usual satirical and shrill voice and accusations. Another thing – I suddenly looked up half way through the lesson to find Claire looking at me, smiling broadly – I later found out from Deborah that she had been looking at me and sighing when I’d looked up and she’d collapsed giggling. Now she could be just carrying on for the sake of it, using me as a guinea-pig to see what effect her actions have or she could be serious. I doubt the latter somehow, and have a sneaking feeling that the former’s true.

I’m probably taking the entire circumstance too seriously – this is all just friendly messing about and since I’ve had nothing to compare with, don’t know how to react and everything. I’m just going over the top completely.

I had nothing to do so Lee, Deborah and me went to see “The Picture-Show Man,” a 1977 Australian film about early film theatres. It was OK as entertainment.

An evening before the box – Robert rang (Andrew is there now) with news of a completion date for his house which is Jan. 30th. So they’ll be moving in that weekend and I’m going over this Friday on the 4.54 train to Rotherham.

I still haven’t given Deborah and Claire their presents yet. Maybe give them them on Friday.

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