Thursday, January 15, 1981

Wednesday January 14th

Got to school at about twenty-five past eight after battling my way through high winds and rain – the wind was incredibly strong – I could hardly walk forward at one point. I arrived in school windswept and wet.

We had a year assembly, taken by Ingham who told us of a moralistic Welsh legend, before piling into the library and all immediately getting down to our “Persuasion” essays – only Deborah has finished of all six of us. Not much happened all morning – quiet, studious atmosphere. Very jovial and friendly atmosphere in break; Jeremy’s much better nowadays; easier to get on with; I cant imagine November-December situation again. In English we were told of a “tea-party” which Slicer and Hirst are thinking of for us all – for some reason they both wanted to know our birth-signs.

We listened to an “Antony and Cleopatra” tape in Slicer’s lesson and continued through “Persuasion” with Hirst (up until Chap 21). Somehow today hasn’t been too good. Could be the weather I suppose – heavy rain, high wind all day etc . . . .

When I got home I had typically optimistic ideas of completing my essay before tea, but again typically I sat about playing records and watching the lashing rain and miserable wind outside.

Dad came home with books from Smith’s sale – a “China Today” book (1974) for me which is OK really; nothing highly amazing. He got it at a 75% saving. He also gave me a calendar. China is one of those places I intend visiting (really intend!)

Evening up until eight thirty went fairly predictably; intending to start my essay and never quite getting round to it. Then, horror of horrors! I discovered I hadn’t got my “Persuasion” novel – I’d left it at school. Immediate desperation as to what to do! Then it occurred to me that Claire would have a copy, and if I rang up. . . . . Thudding heart as I couldn’t decide whether to ‘phone up and ask or not. Was it too late? Dad resolved my dilemma by offering to run me over to Beatrice Avenue. I felt almost excited as I dialed – sister Linda answered – I asked for Claire, and then she herself answered. She said it would be alright if I came down for the book and I agreed to be there in half-an-hour.

At nine I rang the bell – Claire appeared with one copy of “Persuasion” – “I’d invite you up for a coffee but . . ." Me, "I haven’t got the time really.” A fleeting instant and it was over, and I was back writing up the essay by ten-past nine until one-thirty.

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