Wednesday, January 21, 1981

Wednesday January 21st

We had an assembly in the common room and Rhodes took it; his theme was anti-violence, and he quoted nursery rhymes etc., but since he’s going to be a father again soon I suppose its understandable.

All morning I pretended to do my English for Mrs Slicer, and talked a lot; it really is impossible to get work done in the library when everyone is in too.

We talked about a lot of things; handwriting, dreams and diaries; this latter thing awakened me to things a bit: she (Claire) said that we weren’t mentioned once in her diary, and it mainly consisted of things about guess who. I was asked if she was mentioned in mine – my answer; “not really.” Now that seems to prove something. I felt a bit hemmed in and uncomfortable here. If only she knew!!! Christ, it consists of nothing but her; it’s like a psychiatrists case-book this diary!! I felt so shallow and corny.

After English for two hours (a C+ from Slicer), I got home at 2.40 and did absolutely nothing.

Oh, one thing – I had an argument with Dad at teatime over bias in political articles and Allende/Pinochet’s Chile. I’ve been thinking a bit on my debate for Monday. My argument is to be based on idealism and will argue for a pluralistic world with no nationalism. I think patriotism is sick.

Andrew’s just rung up (eight o’clock) and told me about a Praktica SLR camera for sale down in Bath for £40. Mum doesn’t think I should draw anything from the bank.

All evening. The US hostage crisis was emblazoned across the TV screen, and what with Reagan’s inauguration yesterday its been a double celebration for America. The fervent patriotism and national chauvinism was amazing; the hostages families crying and exposing their emotions to the whole world. Both Mum and I agreed that it was sickening, transforming them into war hero status –they’re only bloody prisoners. After talking about the debate once more I’m really looking forward to it.

About the camera – I want it, but am loathe to clean out my account (materialistic comment!).

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