Monday, January 12, 1981

Monday January 12th

Woke up at 7.30 and got up shortly afterwards. First in the registration room again and thankfully we had no assembly, so I had plenty of time to get my essay finished. For the first two periods I slaved away copying up (Claire even did some of it for me) in the library and after break I went down to History with everyone else.

After everyone arrived Claire said, “did you notice anything this morning,” to which I truthfully replied “No.” She then went on to tell me at great length (“Dallas” eat your heart out) all about an incident which had come to light on Saturday about Tony Megson and Deborah during Claire and M. Barnwell’s visit to London. Apparently, last week Deborah had said that she and Tony had fallen out over something or other; they’d conveyed the general impression to everyone that this was true for at a party at Claire’s they had sat miserably at opposite ends of the room. Now apparently Tony M. had rung Claire up later and said that he fancied Deborah – so Claire had counseled him etc., yet Claire found out he was ringing from Deborah’s house with Deborah there. Claire was really upset by it and wasn’t talking to Deborah. Claire had walked around London moaning all the time, spoiling M.B.’s day out.

Anyway, the lesson went by OK, and dinner came. Lots of insinuation from Jeremy about me and guess who, which subconsciously I probably enjoyed and then another lesson. Final period was free and I sat in the common room with Claire, her telling me about things that had happened (Deborah was at a driving lesson). Everything was divulged, about how the weekend was a disaster and about how she’s never going to see Tony again. Everyone is now against Deborah I was told – even Christine Clough (who Tony had insinuated was pregnant and now is to be beaten up by Andrew Hudson). I said that it just didn’t seem like Deborah, which it doesn’t, because the lie must have been pretty convincing to carry on for so long – as Claire said, not just for two hours but for four days. My God! This is getting like Katie Boyle’s problem page.

I said that Claire obviously thought that Deborah knew her better than she does and that it probably wasn’t intentional. Still, it doesn’t seem right. The thing that is bothering Claire is the way they both let her give advice over the phone, probably really amused by all the comments she made

I walked home with Claire – debate continued – and got home at 2.40. She just gets so worked up about things. I’m so corny – I write all this about others lives – you’d think I hadn’t one of my own!!

My evening, predictably enough, went listening to records and just doodling on pieces of paper or watching television. Tomorrow, I may go to Art or I may go into Easterby to buy some trousers.

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