Thursday, January 22, 1981

Thursday January 22nd

I got into school really late, fifteen minutes after I should. Jeremy was reading my graphology book during registration; much amusement over each others loops and extensions. As we trekked up to the common room, new head girl Elaine Buckley told us that English fourth period was cancelled and since Ingham is also away tomorrow, it meant that I only had English with Ms Hirst and with Giles until the weekend.

At first I went into the library; geographers had private study until break because Blackwood’s having her appendix out; and they were all in there; Claire, Michelle, Evelyn and Christine Clough. At about 9.15 I went, with all the other Art people, down to Blakeborough’s to have a look at our 16+ work. I came back at 9.35 and sat in the library looking through “The Dutch Plural Society” and “Black British, White British” for Monday. The debate is going to be good; I’m really looking forward to it.

After break, Jeremy and Rich’ Houlding had a game of tennis while I talked to Steve Bates and Deborah – I love having friends. This sounds gimmicky I know, but I do. Someone to talk with, laugh with etc . . . . . . . , its good. I really did enjoy today from a social aspect. After dinner, we all sat round talking, and joking and everything (at one point – high excitement!!!! – I was actually sat on the same seat as Claire, half and half). We were once more looking at handwriting samples and trying to work out each others characters from the shape of each others ears or hands. Well, it passed the time at least.

After pretty predictable “Persuasion” in M2, all those involved in the magazine had a meeting in the school library. Fourteen people were present; Ms Hirst; Mr Emsley; me; Lee; Jeremy; Duncan; Richard Houlding; Andrew Boyd; Colin Baron; Theresa Moffitt; Gillian Gough; Bates’s younger sister; Rachel Johnson and the bloke responsible for printing the parish magazine a Mr Long. He looked very young and had a typical Jesus-saves style beard and white-plastic dog-collar; he showed us all the ins and outs of pasting, type setting and printing a newspaper type magazine (A4).

The meeting achieved virtually nothing, and we agreed to meet next Wednesday in the Common room, to rediscuss schedules, allocation of articles etc.,

In Art, I had to finish my tree composition (I was quite pleased with it), and for once, it was one of the better pics there.

As for my evening, it again went by without me achieving anything; I was too wrapped up in thinking about school, the debate and people to even attempt anything. Dad is on nights, and Mum went to bed at ten o’clock, to read “Sons and Lovers” no doubt.

My enthusiasm for Monday’s debate was only added to on hearing John Lennon’s “Imagine” (still at No 1); my idealistic, utopian arguments are going to be easy to refute on a practical basis. It will be interesting to see how everyone votes.

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