Thursday, January 8, 1981

Thursday January 8th

Lee and Claire went on a Geography field trip to Ingleborough from eight-thirty until twelve-forty, so for most of the morning there were only four of us. I did notes for my History essay until 10.30 in the library; one of the seventh year girls blew up at Duncan busy-bodying about – I sympathized, for he never stopped getting up, sorting through his files and passing messages to Deborah – he must just revel in the friendship etc. . . .

After 10.30, when I took a “coffee break,” I just sat about until twelve o’clock and dinner, talking. At break, everyone interested in a London visit in Feb. to see the Houses of Parliament congregated in B18 – everyone will be going it seems. The trip cost £7.00 and will take place between 6.30 a.m and 11 p.m.

After break we had only a half-an-hour of English because Mrs. Slicer had to prepare a kind of obituary consisting of comments from school-friends of a fifth year girl who’se recently died from cystic-fibrosis. I was even reduced to wondering how everyone would react if I died like that – this is so morbid and shows a blatant desperation for attention. I sometimes wonder if I’d do it if I was able to see reaction – I occasionally feel I would.

The Geographers had arrived back and we all went to Hirst’s lesson as normal. We’ve now nearly finished “Persuasion” (we’re at p190) and todays lesson went quite enjoyably.

I didn’t stop behind after school, but rushed home because I had to buy Deborah a birthday card – I went with Dad to Farnshaw and went with him to pick Mum up from work before being dropped off again in Farnshaw at 3.45 p.m.

In Art I began my tree composition – yet another cliché’d chemical red-and-yellow sky painting – so predictable.

Just watched the box all evening.

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