Saturday, January 3, 1981

Saturday January 3rd

I was woken at nine and got up at eleven – just like any other Saturday. Everyone was around, and I just sat in the dining room listening to records or the radio and reading my book.

Andrew and I had intended going to see Athletic play Haley Hill Celtic, but as the weather was blustery and raining we decided not to bother – the match was later postponed anyway.

After dinner, everyone retired into the front room and watched TV while I played records downstairs and messed about, reading “The Yorkshire Post,” and working out things like the number of habitable planets in an average sized galaxy, our own Galaxy and the Universe.

Dad + Mum went into Farnshaw during the afternoon and soon it was teatime.

Afterwards, while everyone watched television, I started listing all my books (I have over a hundred) and just generally tossing about.

School work still a cloud on my horizon – I have four essays to complete by next Wednesday; History” (Reasons for White’s defeat in the civil war”); two English essays and a comparison to do for Art. I just seem physically and mentally incapable of doing work before the last deadline. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again (why not admit it?, looking forward to seeing Claire and Deborah).

This morning I sent off my £14.00 remittance for the B.I.S for 1981, three days after the deadline date (I borrowed the cash off Dad, and as a result, he’s giving me a pound a week only for 14 weeks).

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