Tuesday, January 6, 1981

Tuesday January 6th

As expected. At 10.40, it began snowing really heavily, huge white flakes drifting slowly and thickly down from a white sky – it left the ground only slightly covered. I had come to school leaving the door unlocked and the cat out – I couldn’t find a key.

At break, me, Lee, Duncan, Jeremy, Michelle Cliff, Deborah, Lynn Norden, Mandy Jenkinson and Christine Wade went down into the English area to ask Hirst for an extension of a week for our “Persuasion” essays. It was all very friendly – I really love having friends, because they make you feel good.

At about 11.30 I went home (I’d found the key), to be greeted by a bedraggled and sodden George waiting at the gate – he ran in gratefully.

It took me twenty minutes to get there and back and the above caused much amusement. The day went cornily; in Art we had a one-and-a-half hour talk on early Renaissance artists, and my evening went watching television and, later on, doing my essay for Slicer on Antony’s personal responsibility for his own downfall.

Apparently (this is according to Dad), Baxter has confessed to 5 murders, excepting that of Jean Raistrick in Bishophill in 1978. The Strangler case is still headline stuff, both in the ‘papers and on TV.

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