Sunday, January 4, 1981

Sunday January 4th

It seems as if they’ve finally caught the Strangler!!! I heard at about nine from Dad that it’d be announced that a man has been arrested. From what I heard later on the news, two Whincliffe policemen stopped him in a stolen Rover car to question him about stolen number plates on Friday January 2nd. He’s a married man from Holmeshaw.

The police were saying things like “absolutely delighted” and from all the commotion its looking pretty certain. I was jubilant, not so much because of the end of the deaths, more a kind of morbid fascination and curiosity about him personally. It’s amazing; everyone expected him to go on for ages. He’ll be charged tomorrow. I’m really glad it’s over.

The first part of my day went reading the Times (Athletic are 10th) and soon it was dinnertime. As outside it was perfectly clear and sunny, Mum and Dad decided to go for a walk down by the river – outside it was icy and very cold, but the recent wind has gone – leaving Andrew and I to play records or listen to the radio. Andrew packed, because tomorrow he’s off to Robert and Carol’s and then down to Corsham. My homework cast a shadow over the day, but I didn’t do anything about it and came to bed still with four essays to do. No prizes for guessing what everyone will be discussing tomorrow.

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