Thursday, January 1, 1981

Thursday January 1st

An inauspicious start to 1981 – the usual boredom. Nanna B. arrived at about two for dinner and stayed until seven – I was in the room watching television quite a lot of the time. Nanna B. seemed in good health, ‘though apparently she’s still wallowing in self-pity over her widowhood, alleged poverty and boredom – the latter is totally self-inflicted. Mum and Dad exchanged bad words after he’d taken her back, Mum saying that she still thinks it’s mean not giving presents, in response to dad’s defence (“I’m sick of hearing her being pilloried,” “blood’s thicker than water” etc…..).

There was a good film on TV late on – “Papillon,” supposedly Steve McQueen’s best film – he was a really good actor actually. I came to bed after once more failing to achieve a start on my homework (I discovered an English essay I’d forgotten about).

I was ridden with guilt when I got to bed – I haven’t fed my newts for months; they should be hibernating now.

I carelessly left my chocolate liquers around in the dining room at teatime and inevitably Dad asked where they’d come from. After I’d told him (along with blushed aplenty) there was the predictable nudge-nudge, wink wink suggestions – ‘from a girl eh?” – if I told Claire it’s no doubt make her feel even worse!

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